About us

Lanes Garage was started By Mr Cyril Lane and Mrs Rita Lane in 1951. The business started as a local tractor garage at its Llanvetherine Depot near Abergavenny.
Since then the business has diversified and now operates a number of different operations.
For example:

  • Tractor sales & services
  • Car and van sales and service - All manufactures of vehicles
  • Commercial vehicle servicing & repairs
  • Car and van (up to 7.5 Tonne) crash repair centre
  • Vehicle recovery for all types of Vehicles

Lanes has continued its business through strong family links and is currently in its third generation of family members. The company has now changed its status to a Limited Company and there are now a further two family members as Directors: Jemma Lane & Chris Phelps, (both grandchildren of Cyril & Rita Lane)

24 Hour Professional Recovery Service for all types of Vehicles